INR Reference Set

REF: 5490

Intended use

The INR Reference Set can be used to assure the laboratory of the quality of results produced under the Local System ISI regime by monitoring the laboratory control of INR values. The INR Reference Set is a set of 3 lyophilised human plasmas which have certified INR values. These values are assigned using the current WHO reference Thromboplastin and the manual tilt tube technique. Each set contains 4 vials of each plasma, with certified INR values in the ranges 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4.

Main features

  • Multiple INR ranges
  • Calibrated against WHO reference
  • Thromboplastin Ensures accurate INR reporting

Kit contents





INR Reference Plasma 1

INR Reference Plasma 2

INR Reference Plasma 3


4 × 3 × 10 mL

Unopened vials of INR Reference Plasma should be stored frozen at -18°C or lower. INR Reference Plasmas are stable until the expiry date printed on the label. Reconstituted plasmas should be stored at 4°C and tested within
1 hour of reconstitution


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