Platinum 4V

Built alongside the V8, Platinum 4V offers complete management, analysis and interpretation of results both simply and efficiently.

Platinum 4V provides the comprehensive set of analytical tools and user-defined options needed to meet laboratories’ needs for fast, accurate data analysis.

The complete package

Platinum 4V offers a complete, single-window overview of the session management, gel and/or capillary electrophoresis analysis, and reviewing and reporting processes. Despite its simple, easy-to-use design, Platinum 4V provides a completely integrated, end-to-end suite of functions:

  • Session and worklist management
  • QC and validation functionality
  • Control of V8 instruments and gel scanning processes
  • Database demographics and patient history retrieval and status flagging
  • Intelligent, automated Expert System
  • Complete editing and data optimisation tools
  • Automated report generation
  • Comprehensive LIMS and laboratory automation connectivity

Introducing Platinum 4.1

Platinum 4.1 continues to evolve to offer the most up to date, and user friendly software interface possible. With improvements to visual design, user options and software functionality, Platinum 4V is easier to use than ever.

Faster and better

Platinum 4.1 has had hundreds of code optimisations and new features added, leading to higher performance and more ease of use.

Built for the future

Newer software development tools make integrating future technologies and features easier, quicker and more cost-effective.

Real-life improvements

Platinum 4.1 doubles available database capacity and makes the storage of data more efficient.

Capable and extensible

Future versions of Platinum will offer even greater database capacity.


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