Platinum 5 Interpretation

Clear interpretation

Turbocharge your laboratory with a beautifully designed, straightforward process.

Experience the next generation of comparison, editing and reporting tools with Platinum 5’s superb touchscreen interface. Many key interpretation tasks can be accomplished with a single tap, but the clear display also provides a wealth of powerful editing capabilities.


Focus Mode

Focus on your results with a clear, simple user interface

Platinum 5 introduces a new way to interact with your results in the most efficient way possible. By stripping away extraneous details and allowing you to simply tap through your list of results, the software allows you to concentrate on interpretation and reporting tasks, improving results and increasing productivity.

Another tap will display full details on the selected result, giving you the best of both worlds.



Expert System

Intelligent Expert System for assisted and streamlined interpretation

Platinum 5 incorporates a powerful intelligent assistant which automatically flags results which fall outside a variety of configurable limits, enabling you to speed the interpretation process and prioritise more ambiguous results whilst retaining full control over the ultimate decisions. The software can be set to automatically perform reflex tests on matching results, allowing your laboratory to benefit from automation without the risk of significant results being missed.

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Interpretation tools

Unique Second Derivative overlay for rapid identification of peaks

This deceptively simple tool offers a powerful insight into your results. By showing the rate of change (or slope) of the result trace, the powerful Second Derivative display allows the operator to see unexpected deviations, small peaks or other features which could otherwise be missed.

Along with a host of other visual aids, and the ability to overlay multiple results on the same page, the Derivative can easily be switched on and off with the tap of a button.



Patient history

Instantly retrieve and compare historical patient results

Perform one-tap automated retrieval of data related to the current patient — whether ”live” or from across archived databases — and compare with the currently displayed results.

Platinum 5 will proactively flag up historical results based on demographic information found in the database, and having selected one or more historical results the software makes it easy to attach, detach and compare the data in various ways with the press of a button.




Gain new insights with powerful comparison capabilities

Platinum 5 provides a brand-new, very straightforward interface for performing powerful result comparisons. With a variety of overlay options and our unique Grid Mode, you can nominate any result as a reference against which the other results can be compared — allowing you to see the patient’s progress and gain a comprehensive picture of their result history.

Platinum 5’s powerful historical comparison tools work across the entire V8 Nexus product range, including CDT, Haemoglobin results and more.




A suite of simple but extremely powerful editing tools

Platinum 5 intelligently formats, positions and displays your results for optimal viewing and reporting, but also offers a set of powerful modification capabilities. A single tap will re-configure the user interface into a dedicated Edit Mode from which various adjustments can be made:

  • Edit bands and re-calculate quantitation
  • Add or remove M-spikes and other bands
  • Automatically or manually match other traces
  • Correct artefacts and other gel features
  • Modify baselines
  • Control filtering, smoothing and re-intepretation

A full undo/redo history is provided for all editing operations.




Powerful and automated commenting tools

Each result in the Navigation List provides a visual indication if comments are present, allowing for one-tap viewing and further commenting if necessary.

Comments can be manually typed using the on-screen (or real) keyboard, and Platinum 5 also offers the ability to automate commenting by using our Comments Assistant — choosing one or more pre-written pieces of text to combine via a user-friendly interface.




Act upon your results with reporting and re-testing with the tap of a button

Utilising a straightforward system of templates, Platinum 5 automates report generation for any result, automatically composing a PDF with all traces, images, demographics, chemistry values and comments. A dedicated queue allows batches to be managed, approved and then released to the hospital via the bi-directional LIMS connection.

Alternatively, if any of the results requires further investigation, Platinum 5 provides one-touch automated reflex test ordering, either to the same method as before, or you can choose from a simple drop-down menu.


Platinum 5 standard result view

Platinum 5 Grid Mode

Platinum 5 Focus Mode

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