Expert System

Platinum 5 Expert System

Automated marking and reflex testing for abnormal results

The Expert System is a software module built into the Helena Biosciences Platinum 5 electrophoresis interpretation software. It automates the interpretation of results, utilising key electropherogram characteristics to create normal and abnormal ranges from which normal and atypical results can be identified.

How it works

Expert System assigns a normal range, an uncharacteristic range and a definitively abnormal range. The user can configure what criteria are used for interpretation, including:

  • Peak relative area
  • Peak mathematical area (Absolute area)

  • Peak height

  • Peak position (Peak timings)
  • Peak to peak ratios (relative area, mathematical area, height, position)

  • LIMS downloaded chemistry results (e.g. IgG, IgA, IgM)

Results are then characterised using the configured criteria.

  • Chemistry result sums (e.g. total Ig concentration)

  • Peak sharpness

  • Peak symmetry
  • Combination formulas (e.g. relative area and height and sharpness as one criteria)
  • Peak number



This trace has been characterised as normal as it falls within the configured parameters.

  • The Expert System has been designed to reduce the number of normal results that have to be reviewed and to automatically deal with these.
  • Normal results can be automatically sent to the LIMS queue or directly to the LIMS with a standard user configured comment assigned to the result.



This result has been characterised as a warning because the Beta 2 peak height and the chemistry value for IgA are slightly too high.

  • The warning symbol informs the user that this result requires further investigation.



This result has been characterised as abnormal because both the height and relative area of the gamma peak are too high. The chemistry value for IgG is too high also.

  • Expert System has the option to automatically perform immunotyping on abnormal results or prepare a gel tray for an immunofixation test on Helena Biosciences' SAS systems.



No. of bands

Expert System can also flag results with an incorrect number of peaks. 



Platinum 5 Touch

With the Platinum 5 touchscreen interface, the flagged results and Expert System Log are displayed in an intuitive, easy to use format. 

  • The samples are marked with a symbol so that they can be easily identified by the user:
  • The Expert System Log details whether the sample result is abnormal or not and can state the reason why a result has been categorised as abnormal. It will also detail whether a reflex test has been carried out or is set to be carried out. 


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