Transferrin IEF

Main features

Isoelectric Focusing coupled with immunoblotting discriminates between the various isoforms of Transferrin. The method can be used for no gap qualitative analysis of serum samples to determine dysfunction in glycosilation of serum proteins found in genetic disorders/alcohol abuse.

  • Up to 10 samples run per gel
  • All major Transferrin isoforms clearly identified
  • Applications for CSF, Transferrin Glycosilation and Tau protein
  • No non-specific staining of other proteins
  • All assay components within the kit
  • Allows identification of Tau protein in nasal and ear fluids in the case of trauma.

Available gel sizes

IEF gel

Tests per gel:10
Gels per kit:10

Catalogue numbers


103100 SAS-MX Transferrin-IEF (2 step) kit

Accessories required for IEF

5014 Development Weight
311105 IgG / Transferrin Only
211400 SAS-M1 Developing tray pack, for use REF 100900 (single-use)
4061 Staining dish, for use REF 100900

Optional Antisera

102206 SAS-MX Kappa-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit
102207 SAS-MX Lambda-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit
102208 SAS-MX Free Kappa-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit
102209 SAS-MX Free Lambda-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit


102210 IgG-IEF Control kit


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