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The Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (α1-AT) IEF gel kit is intended for the identification of genetic variants in human serum by a combination of iso-electric focusing and immunofixation. The Alpha-1- Antitrypsin variants are separated according to iso- electric point in an agarose IEF gel.

  • 12 samples per gel
  • Clear and identifiable bands produced
  • All assay components included in the kit

Available gel sizes



SAS Alpha-1-Antitrypsin IEF Kit

Tests per gel:10
Gels per kit:10
Minimum order quantity applies to this kit

Catalogue numbers

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

105100 SAS Alpha-1-Antitrypsin IEF Kit

Accessories required for IEF

5014 Development Weight
311105 SAS Membrane Roller
211400 Electrophoresis Staining Tray
4061 Staining dish

Optional Antisera

102206 SAS Kappa IEF Kit
102207 SAS Lambda IEF Kit
102208 SAS Free Kappa IEF Kit
102209 SAS Free Lambda IEF Kit

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