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Serum Protein

100100 SAS-MX SP-10 kit
200100 SAS-1 SP-24 kit
300100 SAS-3 SP-60 kit
300105 SAS-3 SP-80/100 kit

Serum Protein (Split Beta)

100200 SAS-MX SP-10 SB kit
200200 SAS-1 SP-24 SB kit
300200 SAS-3 SP-60 SB kit
300205 SAS-3 SP-80/100 SB kit

Serum Protein (Hi-Resolution)

101300 SAS-MX High Res-7 kit
200700 SAS-1 SP-12 High res-12 kit
300700 SAS-3 SP-20 high res kit

Serum Protein Controls

7024 Kemtrol Normal Serum Control
7025 Kemtrol Abnormal Serum Control


100300 SAS-MX IFE-1 kit
100301 SAS-MX IFE-1 gel kit - Gel Kit Only
100400 SAS-MX IFE Plus kit (additionally antisera is required REF 3151)
200300 SAS-1 IFE-4 kit, (require urine total for urine) with antisera (TF, G, A, M, K, L) Optional IFE gel / Antisera
200301 SAS-1 IFE-4 gel kit - Gel Kit Only
300300 SAS-3 IFE-9 kit, (require urine total for urine) with antisera (TF, G, A, M, K, L) Optional IFE-9/4 Gels / Antisera
300301 SAS-3 IFE-9 gel kit, (includes urine fix options) Gel Kit Only

Urine Protein

100500 SAS-MX Urine-10
200400 SAS-1 Urine Analysis kit
300400 SAS-3 Urine Analysis kit

Urine Immunofixation

100600 SAS-MX Urine IFE-1
100601 Gel Kit Only

Pentavalent Screen


200301 SAS-1 IFE-4 gel kit
200406 Pentavalent Accessory kit
321200 SAS Pentavalent (1x3ml), (IgG, A, M, K, L)


300405 SAS-3 Pentavalent Screen (Gel and Accessory kit)
321300 SAS Pentavalent, (10x3ml), (IgG, A, M, K, L)

Individual Antisera

9409 IFE antisera to IgD (1ml)
9410 IFE antisera to IgE (1ml)

SAS-MX only

9412 IFE antisera to Free Kappa Light Chains
9413 IFE antisera to Free Kappa Light Chains
3151 IFE antisera kit (6x3ml), (TF, G, A, M, K, L) (REF 100400 use only)
9400 ImmunoFix Control Kit (3x0.5 mL), (K, L, M)

SAS-1plus (2ml)

220100 SAS Urine Total antiserum (2ml)
220200 SAS Urine Micro antiserum (2ml)
220300 SAS Urine Macro antiserum (2ml)
220400 SAS GAM antiserum (2ml)
220500 SAS Free Kappa antiserum (2ml)
220600 SAS Free Lambda antiserum (2ml)
220700 SAS Kappa antiserum (2ml)
220800 SAS Lambda antiserum (2ml)
220900 SAS Urine Pent/Alb antiserum (2ml), (Alb, IgG, A, M, K, L)
221000 SAS Urine Penta antiserum (2ml), (IgG, A, M, K, L)
221100 SAS Serum fixative (2ml), (optional)
221400 SAS Serum fixative 2 (2ml)

SAS-3 (5ml)

320100 SAS Urine Total antiserum (5ml)
320200 SAS Urine Micro antiserum (5ml)
320300 SAS Urine Macro antiserum (5ml)
320400 SAS GAM antiserum (5ml)
320500 SAS Free Kappa antiserum (5ml)
320600 SAS Free Lambda antiserum (5ml)
320700 SAS Kappa antiserum (5ml)
320800 SAS Lambda antiserum (5ml)
320900 SAS Urine Pent/Alb antiserum (5ml), (Alb, IgG, A, M, K, L)
321000 SAS Urine Penta antiserum (5ml), (IgG, A, M, K, L)
321100 SAS Serum fixative (optional)
321400 SAS Serum fixative 2


Alkaline Haemoglobins

100800 SAS-MX Alk Hb-10 kit
200900 SAS-1 Alk Hb-12 kit
300900 SAS-3 Alk Hb-40 kit

Acid Haemoglobins

100700 SAS-MX Acid Hb-10 kit
201000 SAS-1 Acid Hb-12 kitUse on SAS-3 requires REF 310907


100900 SAS-MX Hb-IEF-10 kit


5328 AA2 Hemo Control
5329 ASA2 Hemo Control
5330 AFSA2 Hemo Control
5331 AFSC Hemo Control


Alkaline Phosphatase

102000 SAS-MX Alk Phos-10 kit Requires REF 3039
200800 SAS-1 Alk Phos-12 kit Requires 2 x REF 210500
300800 SAS-3 Alk Phos-20 k

Creatine Kinase

101800 SAS-MX CK VIS-10
201200 SAS-1 CK Vis-12 kit

Lactate Dehydrogenase

101900 SAS-MX LD VIS-10
201300 SAS-1 LD Vis-12 kit


5134 CK/LD Isoenzyme Control
102010 Alk Phos Control

Lipoproteins / Cholesterol


101200 SAS-MX Lipo-10 kit
201100 SAS-1 Lipo-12 kit


101000 SAS-MX HDL Cholesterol-10 kit
200500 SAS-1 HDL Cholesterol-12 kit
300500 SAS-3 HDL-60 kit


200600 SAS-1 Cholesterol Profile-12 kit
300600 SAS-3 Cholesterol Profile-60 kit


3218 Cholesterol Control
5069 Lipotrol Control

Isoelectric Focussing


102200 SAS-MX IgG-IEF (1 Step)
102201 SAS-MX IgG-IEF gel kit Gel Kit Only
104200 SAS-MX IgG-IEF Plus (1 Step)
104201 SAS-MX IgG-IEF Plus gel kit Gel Kit Only


103100 SAS-MX Transferrin-IEF (2 step) kit

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

105101 IEF gel- 10 kit

Accessories required for IEF

5014 Development Weight
311105 Nitrocellulose Membrane Roller (IgG / Transferrin Only)
211400 SAS-M1 Developing tray pack, for use REF 100900 (single-use)
4061 Staining dish, for use REF 100900

Optional Antisera

102206 SAS-MX Kappa-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit
102207 SAS-MX Lambda-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit
102208 SAS-MX Free Kappa-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit
102209 SAS-MX Free Lambda-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit


102210 IgG-IEF Control kit



4063 SAS-MX Gel chamber
EV245 Power supply 0 to 400 V


4065 SAS-MX IEF chamber
3039 Cooling block for IEF chamber
EV265 Power supply 0 to 600 V

SAS-1plus / SAS-2

1531 SAS-1plus
1212 SAS-2

SAS-3 / SAS-4

1527 SAS-3
1529 SAS-4

SAS-1plus Specific Consumables

210200 SAS-1 Applicators (10x12)
210300 SAS-1 Applicators (50x12)

General SAS-1plus / SAS-3 Consumables

210100 Disposable sample cups x 100
3100 REP PREP (for ~ 600 gels)

Required for IEF gels on SAS-3

311200 SAS-3 Electrode adapters for IEF
311700 SAS-1 gel alignment guide for SAS-3

SAS-3 Specific Consumables

312300 SAS-5 barcode labels (84 barcode pairs)
310200 SAS-3 Applicators (10 x 20)
310300 SAS-3 Applicators (50 x 20)

SAS-1plus Gels on SAS-3

311600 SAS-3 Electrode adapters SAS-1 S/steel
311700 SAS-1 gel alignment guide for SAS-3
311400 SAS-3 SAS-1 sample tray, (for disposable cups)
210800 IFE-4 Antisera Template
311300 SAS-3 SAS-1gel holder
312100 SAS destain
312200 SAS wash additive

SAS-3 Accessories

310400 SAS-3 electrodes (pair)
311000 SAS-3 antiserum template
310505 SAS-3 glass reagent spreader
310900 SAS-3 sample tray (60 samples)
310906 SAS-3 sample tray (80 samples)
310907 SAS-3 sample tray (100 samples)
311100 SAS-3 Gel Block Remover

General Accessories

210400 Carbon electrodes (pair)
210500 Stainless Steel electrode (Alk Phos only)
210700 Sample Tray (for disposable cups)
210800 IFE-4 Antisera Template
210900 Gel block remover


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